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Eva Chase lives in Canada with her family. She loves stories both swoony and supernatural, and strong women and the men who appreciate them. You can visit her online at

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A few fun facts…

Fave color: Violet

Fave foods: Green curry chicken, California rolls, pizza

Fave vacation spot: Cancun

Fave animal: Dolphin

Eve's New Release

 ⭐️ ⭐️Claimed by Gods: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (Their Dark Valkyrie Book 1) ⭐️ ⭐️ By Eva Chase!!! Just Released!!!

The gods walk among us. And they just might steal your soul... or your heart.

I thought I'd survived everything life could throw at me. All I wanted was t…

Dirty Deeds by Lauren Landish

It's wrong, but feels so right.

For months, I’ve watched her. I know she’s off-limits, but she’s so sweet, so innocent… and so sexy that she haunts my dreams. 

Maggie doesn’t belong in this world, this seedy underbelly of the city. But there she is, my Angel with her wide eyes behind her nerdy glasses. So, when she needs help, I’m the only one who can protect her.

It didn’t even take a single kiss for me to fall in love with her. I know I shouldn’t--a man like me doesn’t deserve an Angel. I’ll hurt her, break her… ruin her. Still, I can’t help myself. 

She’s going to regret this later, regret me and probably even hate me. But I’m a selfish man, and if she wants this now, I’ll give it to her. I’ll give her everything.

This was good, so very good! With secrets and lies everywhere, sexual chemistry burning up the pages and a great plot this was a really good read. This ticked my all my boxes.  It kept me on my toes as I wasn't sure where this was going to go, it was real p…

Yuri (Bratva Blood Brothers Book 1) by K.J. Dahlen


He knew he wasn’t looking for anything pure or righteous.
He’d never known tenderness, nor did he want to know. It didn’t fit with being Bratva.
But when he met her, this tiny bundle of woman he almost wished he were different.
There was something about her that appealed to something deep inside him.
Something he never realized was even there.
She had reached down deep into his soul and taken a piece of himself he didn’t know was even there.
For her, he almost wished he was different.
Because now that he had tasted her he wouldn’t let her go.

She knew who he was and what he was but she never expected to be drawn to him,
She had nothing to offer a man like him.
He was one man she never should have met, let alone been allowed to taste.
He was everything she’d ever dreamed of and so much more.
She knew she should have walked away from him for her own sake.
But if she did she’d be nothing more than a shattered soul

Note: All books in the Bratva Blood Brother series are standalone, f…

Ungranted Wishes: A BBW Paranormal Comedy Romance by Grace Risata

It would be putting it mildly to say that full-figured Cleo Welch was in a funk. Dead end job? Check. Bank account? Running low. Sex life? Non-existent.

Her luck took a turn for the better when she stumbled upon a magic brass pot at a rummage sale. After getting drunk and rubbing things the right way, Cleo found herself in possession of one extremely attractive genie who was very grateful to be released.

What’s a girl to do when a four thousand year old genie is far more interested in satisfying her every desire, rather than granting any of her wishes? Well…she does the genie. That’s a no-brainer!

WARNING: This full length novel contains quite a few explicit sex scenes (including ones involving candy that explodes, a dirty talking detective, and an ancient ritual performed with raspberries). Every scene is absolutely consensual between all parties involved. All my stories come with a guarantee that you will crack a smile, find a happily-ever-after ending, and never have to deal with…

Spotlight on Susan Meachen - Chance Encounters

So this is my first Spotlight on an author and where possible when I do a review of a series I want to include a bit about the Author sometimes I will take this from Amazon if available other times I will contact the Author. So in this case I asked Susan to provide me with a bit of info about herself and her writing.So over to Susan......A tad about me and my Books then will get to the fun stuff. I have a huge addiction to Dr. Pepper, I’m a country girl at heart but I’ve lived in some really nice cities, but I finally came back home.I use the word Fuck a hundred times a day it’s my favorite word in the English language. I’ve always loved to read but writing wasn’t anything I would ever dreamt of honestly, but once I started there was no desire to write sweet HEA because let’s be serious life isn’t sweet all the time. My books normally take on real life issues even the Heartbreaking moments in life. So, in other words my books aren’t for everyone. I have the best PA Connie Ortiz in the…

Dom's Ascension (Mariani Crime Family Book 1) by Harley Stone

Steamy mafia romance, 18+ for language and sexual situations...

The Mariani family has one shot to take over the Las Vegas crime syndicate, and it begins with an elaborate dinner designed to impress their allies. When their head chef disappears, Dominico Mariani is tasked with guarding the new hire, a striking spitfire with a tendency to speak her mind.

Annetta Porro is thrilled to land her dream job at a five-star Italian restaurant, even if her new boss seems overly concerned about her safety. With a chivalrous, handsome bodyguard by her side, she may keep her life only to lose her heart.

His decision could destroy an alliance, but her sacrifice will shape the future of a city.

Full-length novel, no cliff-hangers, no cheating, happily ever after ending.

I was surprised when I realised this book was going to be set in 1992, and back then I was around the same age as Annetta. 

Annetta wants to prove her skills in the Kitchen and Dom just want to get to know the new chef, his dad …

Firebird by Alice La Roux

Being a King isn't easy.

When a rebel group threatens the family business, Golden Apple Incorporated, Seraphina King must step up to the plate. Her father keeps her on a tight leash, a prized possession locked away in a gilded cage. In desperation he grants her the freedom to find those who want to harm them, but nothing is as it seems. 

People are going missing, women are turning up dead and then there’s her renegade stalker. The maverick with the emerald green eyes who always seems to be in the middle of things. Sera doesn’t know who to trust or what to believe.

What happens when the golden apple is rotten?

Warning: This novella (35k) contains adult content and is only suitable for readers 18+

I loved, loved, loved this book! I started this book on the treadmill at the gym and didn’t want to get off when it was time to go home and shower :) 

This book had a brilliant story and had just the right amount of family drama / suspense.

Sera is the the protected daughter, locked aw…